Be part of the World Pole & Aerial Sports Championships 2022 in Switzerland ! You will live an unforgettable experience by sharing behind the scene moments and a genuine spirit of camaraderie. The Swiss federation aims for nothing less than excellence and will put every effort into organizing an outstanding event. But… to showcase Switzerland at its best:  we need you!

We are on the hunt for motivated and dedicated volunteers, eager to play an active role in the success of this exceptional event. We will need to recruit around 80 volunteers to ensure every aspect runs smoothly. So, if you can spare time and feel like meeting international athletes, new cultures and sharing laughs (and a certain amount of stress !), join us !

What are the benefits of being a volunteer?

As a volunteer at the World Pole & Aerial Sports Championships 2022, you will see what goes on behind the scenes of the event, meet new people and share great moments.

The different areas where you can be active…

Welcome / transport / VIP escort
– Guiding athletes and judges, assisting guests, etc.
Venue installation
– Preparing dedicated spaces (rooms for athletes, judges, etc.), arranging of premises, setting up of tents and various equipment
Catering / Service
– Bar and refreshment service
General logistics
– Pole cleaning, refuelling, assistance, entry control, anti-doping assistance, etc.